Therapy Online

Traditionally, therapy has been delivered in a face to face setting but more people are now considering online therapy than ever before. Internet CBT (iCBT) has been practiced since the late nineties and research shows that iCBT is just as effective at treating mental health problems like anxiety and depression with people seeing significant improvements whilst maintaining their progress over the longer term.

I can’t guarantee what your exact experience will look like, because every therapist is different and any form of therapy has its advantages and disadvantages. Talking to someone online can take some time getting used to if you don’t already use this for work, whilst studying or socially with friends and family members. iCBT can provide multiple benefits to both the client and therapist. We all lead busy lives and online therapy can offer you more convenience and flexibility fitting in with your needs, lifestyle and location whilst being accessible from your smart phone, tablet or computer making therapy designed to fit around your schedule.

Due to the location of my work I am currently only able to accept clients who would like sessions delivered remotely. All of my sessions are facilitated in my online therapy clinic which I hold on a Saturday and during weekday evenings.

How do I access?

You will be provided with a video call link the day before your session in order to access therapy.