I was referred to Lisa following an initial consultation with a GP who recommended CBT for anxiety. I met Lisa via video consultation and we discussed my symptoms and needs. Lisa recognised that it was self-esteem more than anxiety that I needed support with, and she recommended a course of CBT to work on this.

I found our sessions invaluable, and week by week I became more confident and started to feel like ‘me’ again. She was patient, honest and empathic and helped me to challenge unhelpful thinking and behaviours. She supported me to recognise where some of my core beliefs and values had originated in my past, helping me to navigate some difficult thoughts about my childhood and past experiences.

I looked forward to Lisa’s sessions and she prepared me well for the final session, equipping me with the tools I needed to move forward. It is now a few months since our last session and I use the tools Lisa taught me every day! I have the occasional wobbles but they are much shorter lived and I am able to pull myself back. She was an amazing support for me at a difficult time and I am hugely grateful”

Lisa has totally transformed me and I will always be grateful for her help. Her techniques are relaxed and worked perfectly for me – it didn’t always feel like therapy which for me really helped me open up and discuss very private things, knowing I was in a safe space.

Lisa, you are amazing, thank you”  

I found Lisa to be friendly, open and engaged, non-judgemental, but appropriately challenging, and good at feeding back.  Pragmatic, realistic, grounded and down-to-earth.   

She demonstrated flexibility, understanding and empathy and picked up on cues and were a great guide through my own mind, helping me to new insights and fresh perspectives. I enjoyed and looked forward to our sessions, and the time always passed very quickly.  I found it more challenging and insightful than I had expected, and have been able to carry on or revert to some of the work done since as too when necessary.  

I particularly found the mood diary approach, emphasising  proactive seeking out of activities rewarding my senses of  achievement, enjoyment, and closeness to others, and the  behaviour experiments memorable and helpful experiences.  

Hopefully this makes it clear how much I appreciate and am  grateful for all your help, and this is helpful to you professionally too”   

I did about 3 months of cognitive behavioural therapy with Lisa in 2021. I was heavily addicted to cannabis  at the time and did therapy because I figured that spending money on that might save me money and time in the long run. I would say that it went well. Since then, I have stopped smoking weed, and after a slightly problematic relationship with alcohol that I realised was a replacement I’ve now been sober for over a month. 

Lisa helped me understand the importance of planning, recording, and understanding my brain from the perspective of cognitive distortions and habits. We would usually spend each week talking about goals and some CBT content to help me understand how I was being helped. Sometimes I wanted to divulge some personal information or talk about something that wasn’t specifically related to my addiction and Lisa was really supportive and allowed me to set the agenda to a certain extent. I have a much better understanding of how to document my feelings and actions.

I still struggle with setting realistic expectations with myself but what I learned about cognitive distortions sometimes helps me to remember that I’m not unusual and that my problems are extremely common, which I find helpful. Overall given that I’m no longer actively addicted to any substances (except nicotine and caffeine), I would say that CBT was a success. I feel more in control of life and able to reject the worst instincts of my brain. I was pretty far gone and Lisa was up against it, but she really helped me to turn it around and start making some incremental progress”  

Lisa helped me to develop a clear understanding of my presenting problem and how to tackle this.  She was able to help me understand early life events that originally contributed to the development of my problem and helped me understand how my thinking and behaviours were maintained. She is approachable, friendly and a positive therapist and I looked forward to our sessions. I would recommend Lisa as a Therapist”

I would like to thank you for the sessions that we had together on-line. I looked forward to these each week and found that you were very approachable and positive. I felt that the sessions were personalised to my specific problem areas.

I found the resources that you sent very useful and I plan to refer back to them in the future. I found the information on imposter syndrome especially helpful. You were very empathic in our sessions and could appreciate my work related challenges based on your own work. Thank you”